Providing Innovative Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) & Mindset Services


There may be a service that you want to enquire about that is not in the above and you are not sure if The Mind Mechanic can meet these needs. Book a meeting to discuss how services can be adapted to you and your current situation.

The Mind Mechanic is incredibly passionate about Teenage Mental Health, if you are a parent or a teenager who would want to talk about the services or resources that would make your journey easier, please get in touch.

Alternatively, if you are a professional who wants to discuss the possibility of working together, book a meeting and let’s discuss what this might look like.

Corporate Wellness

Emily will run Mental Health Awareness Days in your business which helps to ‘take the mystery’ out of Mental Health and empower your employees with tools and techniques which can support them day to day.

Emily will engage in a personal consultation with you, diving deep to truly understand your business’s unique needs. This tailored approach ensures that the solutions provided will be most beneficial, enhancing your company’s wellness and productivity.

Following the initial consultation, Emily offers ongoing, in-person psychotherapy services each month. Here, she steps into the role of your Mental Health Liaison, providing a consistent point of contact for your organization’s mental health matters.

‘I would recommend all businesses to do this for their team’

Martina Daly – Eolas International

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Session

Book a 1 on 1 session with Emily where you can begin your journey of self-discovery and learn the inner workings of your mind. These sessions are expertly gauged by Emily to ensure she fulfils her oath of meeting you where you need to be met at any given time.