Providing Innovative Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) & Mindset Services

Our Story


Emily Murphy– Award Winning Registered Intellectual Disability Nurse and Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist.

After working 10 years within Healthcare Services Emily has experienced all aspects of how our mental wellbeing can be impacted.

Along this path she has discovered that it is not always the status quo type of treatment that works, but often meeting the person where they are, and adapting the service around them.

During her time working in the HSE, Emily discovered a passion for more in this area and wanted to pave the way for more equal and fair services for people who needed support with their mental health.


The world is undoubtedly an uncertain place, and this has become more of a reality in the last few years than any of us could have ever anticipated. It is no doubt hard at times to navigate through even the simple parts of life and keep the bright side out at every turn.

The way we see it at The Mind Mechanic is that every one of us has a time in our lives where we need a bit more support than we usually would. It can be an obvious change in your mood and behaviour, but it can also be a form of maintenance – sort of like going to the gym for your fitness.

our Promise

The current focus of The Mind Mechanic is on creating Mindset Manuals that can support teenagers while they navigate these tough years.

Emily believes that if we are given the tools we need, that suit our way of learning and understanding, we can become our own Mind Mechanic and navigate life a little bit easier.

Our Services

Mindset Workshop

Book a workshop where you can have Emily speak to your employees, clients or communities either online or in person.

Emily will take some time to discuss with you what you feel would benefit people the most and design a custom talk dependent on this discussion.

Your clients, employees, or communities will feel cared for and understood by you acknowledging that these topics are something that hold up space for learning.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Session

Book a 1 on 1 session with Emily where you can begin your journey of self-discovery and learn the inner workings of your mind. These sessions are expertly gauged by Emily to ensure she fulfils her oath of meeting you where you need to be met at any given time.


There may be a service that you want to enquire about that is not in the above and you are not sure if the therapist can meet you where you are currently and what your needs are. Book a meeting to discuss how services can be adapted to you and your current situation.

Alternatively, if you are a professional who wants to discuss the possibility of working together, book a meeting and let’s discuss what this might look like.


“Emily is professional, kind and extremely compassionate. I can’t recommend Emily highly enough. She meets you where you are at with each session and will adapt the CBT accordingly. I think it is because of Emily’s skillful approach I have gained so much from CBT.”

Client A (Anonymous to protect identity)

“Working with Emily has been incredible, phenomenal, above and beyond. On our first call I knew how passionate she was but I didn’t expect her to go as above and beyond as what she did for myself and my clients. It was almost like having a mentor.”

Ben Honour, Honour Coaching